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"It's a confluence of musical styles in a highly interactive trio setting, where Laszlo's Central European folk roots come to the fore alongside his lifelong love of jazz standards and his youthful infatuation with '70s prog-rock. It's where Bartok meets Monk and King Crimson, filtered through Gardony's unique prism and expertly interpreted by his longtime simpatico rhythm tandem of bassist John Lockwood and drummer Yoron Israel. And he calls it New Prog Jazz."

– Bill Milkowski, Jazz Journalist Association Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

"La Marseillaise is a grand, organic take on creating music in the moment. The music is alternately dreamy, melodic, rambunctious, lyrical and, most importantly, gloriously playful."

– Donald Elfman, The New York City Jazz Record

"In less than forty minutes, Gardony manages to cycle through a series of thoughts and emotional truths that catalog what we're all experiencing in different ways. It's a statement that's both sobering and heartening in its unfolding."

– Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

"Gardony's roots in European classical music, prog-rock, blues, gospel and post-bop are all reflected in this high energy album, united and interwoven in singable melodies and infectious grooves."

- Brian Zimmerman, Down Beat (Editors' Pick)

"Gardony's fingers seem wired to the place where thoughts have not yet formed into speech, from a deep well of emotion and intellect"

– Steve Horowitz,

Signature Time

"Signature Time has style, imagination and beauty, both on Gardony's original compositions and on his imaginatively reworked versions of standards. The album enhances the reputation of every one of the musicians and re-affirms the talents of Gardony himself."

– Bruce Lindsay, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Dig Deep

"Now in 'marrying odd meters/changing time signatures with the sound and the groove of gospel, funk, jazz and rock,' [Gardony] has made a jazz piano trio disc that part of you -- guaranteed -- is going to want to dance to. It might not be the ordinary danceworthy parts but that's how joyous and primordially infectious this disc is. His bassist is John Lockwood and his drummer is Yoron Israel. Who'd ever have thought that Laszlo Gardony would turn out to be the ultra-hip 21st century Ramsey Lewis?"

– Jeff Simon, BUFFALO NEWS

Natural Instinct

"Without forcing the issue, Gardony and cohorts have allowed a wonderful collaboration to take place, like a conversation between old friends who are not in a hurry to talk each other's ears off."

– Tom Greenland, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Ever Before Ever After

"...incredible technique spread over a highly personal harmonic language"

– Harvey Siders, JAZZTIMES

"From the opening of the bluesy and breezy “Come With Me” to the thorny original “The March of 1848,” Gardony serves notice that he has arrived – not only as an original voice who has fully integrated his disparate influences, but as a player who spans the conservatory and the gutbucket without a hint of strain.


Changing Standards

"... Gardony's creations are highly accessible due a ferocious rhythmic attack and a gifted intellect able to create architectonic wonders out of seemingly thin air."

— Chuck Berg, JAZZTIMES

Previous Releases


“(Gardony) strikes a nice balance between being genuinely expressive and readily accessible on Breakout. **** (four stars)”

—Bill Milkowski, DOWN BEAT

The Legend of Tsumi

“A sparkling jazz trio date...he blends the diatonic lyricism of Keith Jarrett with the modal and polyrhythmic vitality of his native land.”


The Secret

“A new champion...His keyboard touch is impeccable as displayed in this compelling set of original compositions. RECOMMENDED (The Secret)”

—Jeff Levenson, BILLBOARD



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